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Does my business need to be OHS compliant?

Simple answer is yes. OHS Act 2011 states;

10 Act binds all persons

(1)  This Act binds all persons including the State and, so far as the legislative power of the Parliament permits, the Commonwealth and the other States.
(2) ......... 

I do not have any OHS documentation?

An OHS Consultancy professional will visit your business, on a day that suits you, allowing us to accurately customise OHS documentation to reflect the way you do things.

To ensure your business becomes compliant with OHS legislation we can develop;

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policies
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management Plans
  • Occupational Health & Safety Procedures
  • Occupational Health & Safety Forms

I have old documents are they enough?

It is possible they are however legislation has just been updated (2013) to include other high risk areas. Ask yourself, when was the last time  an audit was undertaken to ensure;

  • Current documents are still compliant?
  • That your business is doing what it says it is going to do?
OHS Consultancy professionals can do the above for you. A full report will be provided outlining deficiencies and how we can help support your efforts to upgrade and maintain your compliance.

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My business is too small to employ a dedicated  OHS person, what can I do?

The legislation is quite clear.

  1. 14  Duties not transferable

    A duty can not be transferred to another person. 

 You business cannot transfer it's duties or obligations to another party.  

(I.e. you lease a shop in a shopping centre, you cannot expect the Centre Management to take on your OHS obligations.)

Don't worry because OHS Consultancy can be contracted to provide you and your business with ongoing OHS Advise.

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